Understanding First Responders


Our client’s public safety team was looking for ways to better understand the first responder community online.


Our engagement team assembled a unique set of tools, people and intel providers for the approach and methodology applied to this project. The intent was to map police, fire and medical emergency response communities online to better understand the needs of these communities and to identify the community influencers. So that the government may better disseminate useful information to assist first responders with research and development funding, adding value to the Canadian emergency management marketplace.


A significant knowledge uptake was received, along with a better understanding of how to insert government stakeholders into the conversation. Helping first responders’ access new funding for innovation.


As a result, the client was able to identify the largest social media policing community online. Allowing researchers to better listen and understand the operational needs of the law enforcement community.

Case Studies

Officer Safety and Security

The client required a task analysis conducted on 700+ hundred environmental and wildlife enforcement officers across the country.

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Transforming an Executive into an Executive Consultant

Independent consultant with over thirty years of experience in the security consulting field. Strengths in developing organisations and building capability…

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