“Emergency Preparedness is a team sport” – Eric Whitacre


OnPar cultivates world class capabilities in outsourcing and staffing emergency management operations. We offer experienced professionals from both the domestic and the international EM community and are capable of providing resources ranging from strategic planning to operations. This includes seasoned EM professionals, law enforcement practitioners, subject matter experts, technical resources, security & intelligence personnel and senior leaders with the wisdom and reputation to lead complex initiatives on behalf of our clients.

Experience has shown that a purely technical assessment of risk, however sophisticated and cutting-edge, is by itself unlikely to trigger actions that reduce risk. Successful risk assessments produce information that is targeted, authoritative, understandable, and usable.
— UNISDR, 2015 pg.148

OUR people

  • Incident Management Specialists
  • Emergency Management Specialists/Generalists
  • Exercise Planners
  • CBRNE Personnel
  • Counter Terrorism Professionals
  • EOC Design Specialist
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Disaster Management Specialist
  • Law Enforcement Specialists
  • Communication Interoperability Architects
  • Policy & Doctrine Writers
  • Program Compliance & Audit Specialists
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Experts
  • Subject Matter Experts

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CDD: The Canadian GIS Disaster Database

A geospatial mapping component has been added to the CDD, which enables users to define their search of the disaster database by using a spatially-defined area.

EM-DAT:The International Disaster Database

EM-DAT contains essential core data on the occurrence and effects of over   18,000 mass disasters in the world from 1900 to present.