“Everyone I know who used to be in the intelligence community is moving into the corporate world.” – Tony Gilroy


OnPar provides bespoke people centric advisory services to clients in the global intelligence community. We provide forefront open source intelligence (OSINT) capability that circumvents stovepipes and drills into data, leveraging real-time social media and the deep web to produce rich and timely sources of actionable intelligence which can be used to inform intelligence operations.

We contribute experienced, reliable and responsive human capital & solutions - originating from intelligence agencies, military, policing and corporate organizations. Our interdisciplinary team combines process, models and frameworks stemming from the international intelligence community to deliver standardized reporting based on coal face operations, statistics and lessons identified to ID potential threats and analyze and improve our client’s capabilities.

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  • Intelligence Assessments
  • Security Intelligence Reports
  • Advanced Social Media Intelligence Reports
  • Threat & Risk Assessments
  • Counter-Intelligence for New Media
  • Literature Reviews
  • Capability Design for Data Mining & Analytic Practices
  • Cyber-Human intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Intelligence Estimates, Scenarios, Risk, and Foreign Policy
  • Mission Critical Outsourcing
  • Executive and Operational Briefings
  • Geopolitical Analysis
  • Training & Education


  • Multilingual Intelligence Analysts
  • Sourcing Experts
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Defence Intelligence Personnel
  • Targeting Analysts
  • Open Source Analysts
  • HUMINT Specialists
  • Intelligence Collection Analysts
  • Analytic Methodologists
  • Counterintelligence Threat Analysts
  • Counterterrorism Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Support Integration Personnel
  • Mobile Training Experts
  • Subject Matter Experts