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We want to get to know you better. We work with business leaders like you to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We enable you to better focus on priorities and play to your strengths, growing business. Let us help simplify and navigate your hiring options. Whether your looking for a new employee, an expert, need help with contracting with Government or support on a critical engagement we are here to support you every step of the way.

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ONPAR works with businesses like yours to help you succeed in your work with your clients, in particular the government. We understand the challenges around finding the right person for the right position quickly; opportunities can pass by in an instant! We sense your need for speed and to get it right; needing a person right away for a position. We’ve been there. We get it.

We work to ease your dealings with your clients.

We have a database of over 8,000 experts in different fields, but we know you need quality, not quantity. Our goal is to provide the right person, or people, to you in a timely fashion, seeing through the resume to find a match in terms of skill set, experience, and culture. We look behind the requirements to make sure that we’re providing someone that can do the job as you want it; not just how it’s written.

Challenges Faced by Business in the Marketplace.

We understand the challenges with working with government and industry partners. Engagements take a long time to initiate and there is zero guarantee your projects will move forward without a procurement or a contracting plan in place. Even then this can be a nightmare and impossible to navigate. It can leave you feeling powerless and can seem too unpredictable to budget time and resources around.

We take a proactive approach and work with businesses to offer higher value to clients by enabling business owners to focus on their strengths while we provide plans that include expediting contract and HR administration. With our support the work gets started on time and we ensure its an ideal fit with the capabilities showcased by our business client.

Your Trusted Advisor on HR Resourcing and Contracting with Government.

We work to smooth challenges for you by delivering trusted advice on how to move engagements forward. We increase your chances of starting a project you’re after. This allows you to do meaningful work on behalf of your client rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks associated with HR, contracting and procurement. This helps you become more profitable by building on your value proposition and delivering more value.

Benefits of teaming with ONPAR:

Services include:

Security Operations

ONPAR’s Security Consulting and Advisory Service offers a wide range of industry-leading security solutions and services including risk mitigation, emergency preparedness, investigations, training and security program management. Our team of experienced professionals has worked with all levels of Government, in domestic and international police and security operations, and in all threat levels. We can protect your people and your business so that you can cost-effectively and securely operate in North America or around the world. ONPAR’s main office is located in Ottawa, Ontario and we have an extensive network of security professionals across the globe.


We provide full-service contracting and procurement support services to business. In short – we grant access to an extensive inventory of supply arrangements with governments and large corporations. However, our primary differentiator is our approach to contracting. We not only enable businesses to offer easier ways to contract with their clients, we also help navigate the process. We also provide guidance on how best to move forward with the appropriate procurement tools and can provide feedback on policies and contract justifications according to best practice. This also includes the development of statements of work and terms of reference criteria and of course proposal response.


We can also help facilitate delayed projects and business initiatives by providing fresh talent qualified to assist in getting the work completed. Locating the right talent requires a trusted human resources partner who knows what questions to ask about your business and where to find hidden talent. The ONPAR engagement team applies a consultative approach to identify low-risk high value hires. We offer several talent acquisition services and HR management programs designed for your requirements. Bottomline – We can help grow your small business and make you scalable with the right resources.


We offer clients an easy way to save money and secure new revenue. Enabling customers to focus on priorities while we put together customized solutions to solve hard problems within your business. We offer big firm consulting at a quarter of the cost. Delivering fresh perspectives, while leveraging previous experience and best practices to grow your business. Whether your contemplating your next move concerning a reorganisation or for a way forward on a new initiative, we can work with you to make sure it’s a positive experience with the right results.

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