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OnPar is proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary of operation. We look forward to supporting our clients and working with our partners and consultants for many more years to come

OnPar Office Space
Significant progress is being made on the new Cancom/OnPar Office Space, demolition is completed, design phase is completed, the training center is complete and now we are in the office construction phase Yesterday saw Craig Bridgeman and Kevin Cadman framing out some of the new office spacesably supervised by WIlliam (Bud) Garrick who primarily just provided words of encouragement Looking forward to fully occupying the new digs in the near
Escape Manor Lounge
After a hard afternoon of strategic planning, there is nothing like heading off to the Escape Manor Lounge for a team building event, a couple of drinks and some laughssorry to say though that "The Wine Maker" kicked our

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