Corporate Profile

OnPar is a federally incorporated company that is proudly Canadian owned and operated. We offer Resourcing, Security Consulting, and Business Support services.

OnPar enjoys a vast network of contacts and partnerships that enables us to deliver superior services across Canada and internationally. Our primary goal is to provide you quality services that exceed your expectations. We will not take on a project if we feel we cannot deliver excellent results. OnPar prides itself on providing cost effective results, we will strive to recommend options that find the best balance of value and due diligence.

We are proud of the diversity of our management team, encompassing Canadian veterans and women within key management positions. We firmly believe the more diverse the team, the more likely we are to be creative in our problem solving and solutions for clients. OnPar was incorporated in May 2013, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and have an extensive network of satellite capabilities across Canada and internationally.


“I am extremely impressed with how easy OnPar is to deal with. I found that to be a rare thing when dealing with other Security Consulting firms. I appreciate their honesty, openness, and willingness to help, as well as how quick they respond.”

“I believe this is a great partnership and I can’t underscore enough the value and importance that the Open Source Intelligence is to our client.”

“No matter how complex the problem, ONPAR will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution. They are a trustworthy organisation that truly has the client’s best interest at heart.”

“My experience with ONPAR was incredibly insightful in helping me find contracts that suited my abilities while boosting my portfolio and making me a more valuable consultant with each new job.”

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