ONPAR Security uses a holistic approach to ensure our clients get effective and fiscally responsible protection for their people, information, and assets. We can create new and complete security programs, update existing programs, or focus on one area that may need adjustment.

Our security services include:

The creation or update of a complete security program. Ideal for clients that have been successful in growing their business and now require a formal security program that is tailored to their unique needs. Existing security programs for Government or Corporations can benefit from a security review or security audit and update to ensure the program is consistent with current best practices. Our security program services can include both physical and cyber security.

Threat Risk Assessments (TRA) that examine the current state of your security against the threats and risks of today and provides recommendations to ensure your security is current and effective. We are conversant with the Government Harmonized Threat Risk Assessment (HTRA) methodology and also provide more concise approaches tailored to our client’s distinctive needs. Our TRA services include both physical and cyber security.

Complete security standards, policies and procedures or the review and update of existing documentation.

Review, design and assist the procurement of security technology such as cameras and access control systems.

Individual services to complement your security program such as executive security, travel security and enhanced open-source intelligence checks that meet Government requirements and corporate needs for sensitive positions.

Specialty security services such as technical security countermeasures (bug sweeps).


ONPAR offers a complete suite of cyber security services as either stand-alone services or part of a holistic security review.

Our services include:

Development of Cybersecurity Strategies – Our team of Cybersecurity Subject matter Experts can assist with the development of a cybersecurity strategy that will support the business’s resilience and growth goals while reducing the risk. We use an outcome-driven approach to establish cybersecurity priorities and investments.

Vulnerability Assessments – We have access to specialized resources who can provide vulnerability assessment services to identify potential areas of risk and provide risk mitigation recommendations.

Penetration Testing – Our penetration testing resources can identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities and uncover weaknesses on your network or within applications.

Specialized Cyber Security Resources – OnPar has access to a wide-range of Cyber Security Specialists, and Partner Firms, that can provide short term or long term support to your organization.


ONPAR Security uses personnel with advanced training, tools, and experience to assist clients in meeting their intelligence needs.

Our intelligence services include:

The creation or update of a complete intelligence program. Ideal for clients that wish to establish a proactive intelligence program that is tailored to their unique needs. Existing intelligence programs for Government or Corporations can benefit from a review and update to ensure the program is consistent with current best practices and embraces the latest tools and technology.

Advanced open-source intelligence services including enhanced screening for employees, due diligence checks for business relationships and proactive threat identification, monitoring and tracking.


The ONPAR Security team includes members with advanced training and decades of investigative experience. Our investigation services include administrative investigations, resolution of doubt interviews and investigation policy development.


Our team provides training in all our service areas. We can deliver training at a client site or host it off-site. We provide pre-developed training courses, or we can develop and tailor courses specifically to a client’s needs. Recent courses include administrative investigations, interviewing, personal security and safety, and travel security.

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