Micro Business to Small or Medium Sized Company


The consultant had been working as an independent but was looking to grow their business. They had several clients but were unsure how to scale into a small to medium size business. One of the major barriers was the complexity off skill-set and strengths required to perform work in the consultant’s field.


We developed a plan and agreements with the consultant to help their business grow quickly. We first identified a strategy to bring expertise on an as when needed basis. Then optimized the plan to bring on their first employee. ONPAR’s resource division developed selection criteria and a sourcing and onboarding plan to support the consultant.


The consultant was able to onboard their first employee and deploy another associate with a national bank. This allows the consultant to expand their business model so that they were not only paid consultant fees but also made residual income from new associate billing to assist with the overall growth of the consultant’s firm.


If you can anticipate repeat consulting requirements with a client, even on a case by case basis. It is better for cost efficiency and strategic value to put a supply agreement in place that spans multiple years. Allowing both the consultants and clients to better coordinate systematic results.

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