Transforming an Executive into an Executive Consultant


Independent consultant with over thirty years of experience in the security consulting field. Strengths in developing organisations and building capability within the security and law enforcement sectors. Having difficulty navigating the independent consulting business and understanding contracting process with the public sector and prime government contract integrators.


ONPAR provided advice and a plan to get the consultant working on active engagements that utilized the new consultants’ strengths while creating new business opportunities for the consultant with channel partners in the security field. Leveraged skill sets on a national project where the consultant worked independently but also as part of a large team.


The consultant was able to make money while adding value to both public and private sector organisations. All parties benefited, the consultant was able to better plan work engagements and generate revenue earlier than expected. While one of the engagements led to a national framework still in use today with accolades from the end client organisation.


It is important for independent consultants to diversify work engagements. As they may be viewed a non-fit from organisations due to perception of not the right background. While many strengths based skill-sets are transferable to many types of organisations.

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