Officer Safety and Security


The client required a task analysis conducted on 700+ hundred environmental and wildlife enforcement officers across the country.


ONPAR assembled a team of experts: legal, security, intelligence, health and safety and strategy consultants. Designed an in-person interview process and survey. Incorporating both Quantative and Qualitative methods while gathering information and evidence onsite, after completing the initial task analysis, the client requested the team provide insight and recommendations concerning organisational design, change management and strategic planning. The team provided integral feedback which included an organizational framework concept based on benchmarking and best practices in similar enforcement organisations with similar attributes. A dynamic dashboard to view hazards associated with work environments and potential threats and risks. Lastly a priority matrix highlighted in a thorough report to road map key change initiatives in order of importance based on officer safety and organisational risks.


Resulted in a national safety program and a detailed description of the scope of work for enforcement officers in Canada.


Realigning perceptions with realities based on evidence. Suggesting stronger intelligence focus to better allocate resources guided by revised scope of duties.

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